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What is Robotic Surgery?

Robotic surgery is an advanced form of surgery that aims to enhance the capabilities of surgeons and improve patient outcomes. It involves using a surgeon-operated robot that can perform highly intricate procedures with greater precision than human hands.

How does Robotic Surgery work?

The procedure starts with the surgeon making small incisions to insert miniaturised instruments and a high-definition three-dimensional camera into the surgical site. Then, seated at a console, the surgeon remotely controls the instruments to perform the operation. The console provides the surgeon with a magnified, high-resolution view of the surgical site.

The robot accurately mimics the hand movements of the surgeon, but without any hand tremors that may occur when performed manually. Some robotic systems can also include customisable settings for things like tremor filtration and motion scaling.

What are the Advantages of Robotic Surgery?

Precision and Control - One of the greatest advantages of robotic surgery is the level of precision and control it provides. The robotic arms can move in ways that a human hand cannot, allowing for incredibly precise surgical manoeuvres.

Less Invasive Procedures - Robotic surgery often involves minimally invasive techniques. This means smaller incisions, reduced blood loss, and shorter hospital stays for patients.

Enhanced Visualisation - An additional benefit of robotic surgery is the enhanced visualisation it offers to surgeons. The 3D imaging allows for a clearer, magnified view of the surgical site, facilitating greater accuracy during procedures.

Reduced Risk of Infection - Due to the smaller incisions and greater precision involved in robotic surgery, the risk of infection is also reduced.

Greater Accessibility - Robotic systems can reach intricate areas that may be difficult for human surgeons, opening up the possibility of new, minimally invasive procedures in the future.

Dr Eugene Yeo is one of few surgeons in Singapore who is qualified in the Da Vinci® roboticsurgical system. Contact us at:

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What are Some Applications of Robotic Surgery?

As the technology advances and become more accessible, robotic surgery can now be used in an increasing range of procedures; such as:

  • Hernia repair
  • Anterior resection (removal of the rectum
  • Colectomy (removal of the large intestine
  • Rectopexy for rectal/pelvic organ prolapse
  • Abdominoperineal resection (removal of the rectum and anus in very low rectal or anal cancers

Dr Eugene Yeo completed his fellowship at Yonsei Severance Hospital – the world’s highest-volume robotic surgical centre. For a prompt consultation, contact us at 6518 9838 or WhatsApp us today.

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